North Yorkshire Online What are we all about?

About Us

North Yorkshire Online creates and streams programmes about the people and places within North Yorkshire. In September 2015 the idea behind creating a website that local people can use to tell the world about what they do and why they believe that North Yorkshire is not what is perceived by the mainstream media. By working with community groups, other organisations and local businesses we open a platform for them to showcase their view of what the best things about North Yorkshire are.

Focused at the moment in East Cleveland a small rural area that is encased by rolling country side and roaring seas, it is the essence of what North Yorkshire is, beautiful.

By working with organisations that have a similar ethos to ourselves, give an open platform to the people and businesses to promote themselves and the area they live in we aim to change the way that the North Yorkshire is viewed by others we aim to:

  • develop, broadcast, and maintain an archive of historical factual and anecdotal information and narrative regarding North Yorkshire.
  • to serve as a platform for the creative industries within North Yorkshire to promote and expose other people within the area to the limitless pool of talent that the area heralds.
  • broadcast programmes with educational and entertainment content for the benefit of people in North Yorkshire area.

North Yorkshire Online exists to promote this area, its spirit and its people by showing it in a positive light.

North Yorkshire Online serves to promote the people in the area by offering a forum in which to explore their creativity as well as offering training in digital media and the encompassing technologies that could lead to future employment prospects.